Disposable Face Mask

Disposable Face Mask

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These masks are excellent for everyday usage by those not be working in medical field (or other frontline settings) but still hoping to add a layer of protection against respiratory risks. Affordable and disposable, these are ideal for store workers, couriers and other employees marked as “essential” during these troubling times.

Tightly woven organic and synthetic fabrics help filter out particles and other microscopic foreign bodies that could be carriers for disease. Elastic loops ensure a comfortable but secure fit to minimize exposure to non-filtered air.

Please note: your equipment will ship with minimal packaging in order to facilitate faster, more affordable shipping methods. Additionally, the actual product may different slightly in appearance; technical specifications remain the same.

Additional Information

Performance parameters:

1) Unfold size: (17.5±1)×(17±1) cm
2) Breaking strength of mask belt: ≥10N
3) Filtering efficiency: BFE ≥95%
4) Pressure gradient: △p ≤49 Pa/cm2(between outside and inside)
5) Microbial content: bacteria-free
6) Ethylene oxide residue: ≤10 μg/g